How many times is anyone asked you who are you what do you do where do you come from?

How many times if you just looked at them in blank expression and don’t know what to say back? It is funny I remember once a gentleman said to me ‘So what do you do’ ‘who are you? And I looked at him blankly I said ‘my name is Sarah and I have a rabbit. I could not have been more embarrassed in all my life why would I tell somebody I have a rabbit and why would I just tell him my name. I could have cried that day because I was left with emptiness wondering why I could not tell this gentleman who I really was and what I am. What I really wanted to say was I am the most upbeat happy person with a house and a car I have my own business and I am amazing what about you? But I did not I walked away from his blank expression and never was to be seen again. So, tell me who are you and what do you do?


There are so many times we doubt ourselves into who we are and never praise ourselves. we should be praising ourselves daily saying to the world I am amazing because I have just got this job, or I have just made this cake whatever it is we should be praising ourselves and we should be exposing ourselves to the world after all we are here for a purpose are, we are not? We have been born on this world to serve and to enjoy every single amazing part of our journey why we are not doing it what is stopping us. I know what is stopping us ego our mindset we have been programmed from an incredibly early age to do as we are told.

How many of you have been scolded for having fun jumping around too much it could hurt you? How many of you have been told you are not good enough you will never aspire to anything? How many of you have been told you cannot do it because you are not educated enough how many of you have been told you are not ever going to change. All our lives we have been sabotaged by people, our parents, and teachers our partners.

We have been programmed to not believe in ourselves and not listen to our awareness we are just listening to our ego and I thought and our emotions. Let us start to believe in ourselves and look deeper and become aware that we are infinite were able to do whatever we want to do, and we are able to go wherever we want to go, and we are able to be whoever we want to be you’ve just got to believe it.

Once Upon a time I used to be controlled and told what to do and my soul was drifting away hourly I had no voice I had no reason had no purpose, but I allowed this to happen because I allowed somebody to take over my mindset and my ability to be aware and be strong enough to say I am good enough. If I could put myself back, there today I would laugh at myself and say Sarah you are being stupid you are being thoughtless nobody can take away your awareness again. We all must go through things to progress and learn about ourselves when we have learned that we are able to do whatever we want that is when you find inner peace so, who do you really want to be today?

where do you want to go what do you want to see who you are where are you from let us begin shall we by taking the first steps to awareness. Firstly, I suggest you take a good look at yourself in the mirror and really take a good look as well. I do not mean just look at your reflection I mean sense everything about you look at everything touch everything sense your presents. Breathe smell touch since every movement you make and really think about who you really are what you are doing here,

Secondly smile and take back control of every single thought process you can say no to your mindset your ability to let go of the past your ability to stop thinking of the future is starting today.