What goes into our bodies?


Do you ever wonder what goes into our bodies? Most of us just consume comfort food full of sugar and fat, as this is often placed at eye-level on the supermarket shelves, making us susceptible to today’s marketing ploys. But do we actually know what is going on inside our bodies and is it helping us?


I listen to many of my clients talking about their health and how they feel. I would say that almost 90% of them tell me they are feeling tired, lethargic and generally worn out. Is this because we are lacking in knowledge of the food we eat or are we vitamin deficient?


Do you feel misinformed?

Most of us don’t have any idea what is right and what is wrong anymore, due to social media, false information, or misleading advertisements that are pushing us to buy into the latest product offering within the nutritional world. Perhaps this is because we feel we are uneducated or do we just feel we don’t need to know about vitamins and the role they play?


Let me tell you about B12 vitamins first. Do you know what Vitamin B12 does? The real name for B12 is called Cobalmin, it is a water-soluble vitamin in the metabolism of every cell in the human body. That is amazing, right?


Unfortunately, this is something that we do not naturally produce. However, it is naturally found in foods such as animal products, milk, eggs, fish. This is one reason why vegan and vegetarians lack B12, as it is generally not found in plant-based foods. The exception to this includes fortified cereals which are readily available with a source of B12. This is why it is always good to have a booster if you are a vegetarian or vegan as it will help to support your immune system.


Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy and also helps make DNA! It also helps prevent a type of anaemia called megaloblastic anaemia ( a big word to remember!) this makes people feel tired and weak.



Are you tired all the time?


Do you feel you are lacking sleep, or are you irritable a lot of the time, and blame the kids! Well, it could be that you are simply B12 deficient. B12 gives you energy, it will take a lot longer for the body to absorb if you are taking them via tablet form when you have a booster it is instantly entering the bloodstream so you can feel a lot better instantly.


Do you always get colds and viruses? In this current climate with COVID-19, B12 is essential to our bodies. People who lack B12 will notice they pick up more illnesses than someone who has a good nutritional diet and boosters, that’s something to be aware of don’t you think?


What are my options?

So let’s talk about the best options for you. Firstly, I would recommend a medical consultation if you are feeling low and lacking energy. At Sarah’s World of Beauty, we make sure you are eligible for a booster. Medication such as Warfarin, Metformin, or Antibiotics will be taken into consideration, as these can decrease the absorption of B12 within the body.


We will also check to see if you are getting B12 from your doctor. If not they can refer you to us. If you are medically sound for a Booster, we will ask you to have a course of three to start as we want to help you achieve the best results.

It is important to be aware that supplements we take these days need to be checked as so many supplements do not actually have hardly any B VITAMINS in them as most are made up of caking agent or something to bulk the product up. I would suggest you go to a reputable company and cheap is not always ideal. Being mindful again on what you are consuming is important, research is absolutely essential.

As you know we are all about nutrition in our business and we can guide you to the right supplements if needed. Many people worry about the cost and this is why we end up buying a cheap product that doesn’t actually do anything. A booster can eliminate this as its one injection once a week for 3 weeks, then once a month if necessary, you are then monitored, or referred back to the doctor for blood tests if required.

How do you feel now? Are you feeling you may want to try this? Supplements can feel like a minefield, but with the right support, they needn’t be. We do not stop there though, as we now have Vitamin C, D and Biotin boosters… this is a whole new blog though, I don’t want to overload you just yet!

Why not book a consultation with me for some free nutritional advice? Together we can identify what your body is lacking and I can help to educate you about the benefits.


Have a great day, comment below if you wish to ask any questions on this topic.

Love Sarah xxx