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The Beauty and Aesthetics courses

Welcome to our Aesthetics and beauty courses. This is a place for you to decide what courses are right for you.  Let us begin: all of the courses we offer can be found in the sections below.  We have an increasing number of online courses and 1-1 Classes, and we continue to grow as you grow in your career. Our workshops are held in our Guildford clinic.

The clinic is CQC registered so we can perform training to the highest of standards. The Health Fairy also has a home-based clinic in which Sarah dedicates her time with her regular clients and new customers. We strive to look after you and we teach you all about beauty and the business side (as all of us can sometimes can get over whelmed). So we are here to help you understand all aspects of your new career.

All courses can be paid upfront or with an initial deposit. Payment plans are also available at checkout – we are hear to help you. If you need some advice or some guidance please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also have a beauty community which you will be added to and we are in the process of making a beauty hub membership for you to grow in your business. That is coming soon, so watch out for it!

If you have any questions at all, please contact us on We are here to help you GROW, and become a LEADER in your business.

Have a lovely day,
Sarah x

In our Guildford clinic

In-Person Beauty Courses

Meet some of the lovely people who have completed courses here with The Health Fairy.



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