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Have you ever wondered why some fruit is not as tasty as it looks when you buy it. It is sour or not even ripe yet? Too hard perhaps? And we then moan about it not being the best, and blame the fruit.

Well, it’s a bit like humans: why is this?


We need to grow slowly, making sure we have sunlight, hydrate regularly, and be cared for by others, ensuring we are OK, then we can grow gracefully.

If we are forced to grow – do things we don’t want to do, we become bitter and sour and not ready to flourish, and being told what to do… sound familiar?

Like this melon… it was forced to grow quickly and be ready for me when I want it…

If we gave it a chance to blossom, to grow naturally, the outcome would have been much greater and tastier – a fruit to remember!

Maybe it’s time to pick your fruit wisely. The same goes for your own life – take your time to grow gracefully – how you wish to do.

But make sure you’re ripe and juicy, and not bitter 💕

Food for thought…

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