Serves 2

1 courgette finely diced

100g Lean Diced Bacon Pieces

3 tbsp chopped basil

4 spring onions, chopped

3 eggs, beaten

80g plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

198g of tinned sweet corn

1 tsp cayenne pepper

Handful of mixed salad leaves

A few vine cherry tomatoes

Fry your bacon pieces on a medium heat for 10 mins until crisp. Drain off any fat.

Pop the bacon, sweetcorn, courgette, chopped basil, spring onions, eggs, plain flour, cayenne pepper and baking powder into a bowl.

Heat a little oil in a large nonstick frying pan on a medium heat.

Drop in 3 tbsp of the mixture for each fritter and fry for 2-3 mins each side until nice and golden.

Divide onto 2 plates and pop some salad leaves alongside and a few tomatoes. Drizzle with a little olive oil.