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Safe Practice


I just wanted you to know I am running a safe-practice-only clinic. You know me, I do everything I can to keep you and my business safe and secure.

You will notice in the app that all advanced facial care must have a full consultation prior to seeing me for the treatment. This helps ensure safe practice. My standard of care is paramount to giving you the best possible treatment for your face. Everyone is different and each treatment has to be individual to you.

At your consultation, you will be given a patch test and a full medical paper consultation, so prepare for a little read. Bring your glasses! We will do a full inspection of your lifestyle and your facial features. Then, we will work out a plan to suit you. We will also discuss a payment plan and provide you with a quote.

As my business develops, I am making sure I am follow all guidelines and care to support you.

I hope this makes sense: yes, you will have to come to the clinic twice, but your health and safety must come first, don’t you agree?

Thank you for being a loyal client.

Beauty treatments can be booked as normal via the app. Please book your consultations now for any future treatments you require.

Love Sarah x