Makes 24 bars

85g coconut oil or butter

450g marshmallows (you can make your own but for speed I used ready bought)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Handful of freeze dried raspberries lightly crushed or any dried fruit of your choice

180g cups rice krispies cereal

2 Tbsp vanilla protein powder (optional)

4 tbsp of chocolate of your choice.

Heat a large non stick saucepan on medium heat, pop in your coconut oil and marshmallows and keep stirring until it’s thoroughly melted and combined. Take off the heat, add your dried fruit pieces, vanilla extract and rice crispies and give it a good stir until mixed. Sprinkle over your protein powder if you’re using and stir again. Pop into two 20cm square tins lined with baking paper and push down gently to level. Melt your chocolate and drizzle over the top. Leave for at least an hour to set, cut into bars and enjoy. (i cut each tin into 12 bars) If you want them firm pop them in the fridge or if you prefer a gooey bar, leave at room temperature.