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Ladies this is important:

The Health Fairy: Dermal lip filler training and any invasive training is not just a one-day course. I feel in my heart and from my own experience one day isn’t enough, it is too unsafe. Firstly, you need proper training, practice and confidence. Recent documentary publicity has reinforced what I already knew, and I am pleased to be able to offer more days if training if needed.

The course includes practical work, exams and case studies.

The Health Fairy aspires to excellence and thorough training. Aesthetics training is not something to be taken lightly or as a get-rich-quick scheme. People’s happiness, wellbeing and potentially their lives depend on us and I am going to make sure you all get 110% training and support. We also include on-going workshops.

We have set up a free membership for you to learn more skills and support. We feel you will benefit so much more by being part of the Beauty Hub.

For more information just message us today.


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