Hi, I’m Sam, the Heath Fairy nail technician and Sarah’s PA. I met Sarah around 4 years ago and knew immediately that we had a strong connection and a shared passion for living life to the full. With a Degree in Hospitality Management, I specialise in events management and this ties in beautifully with the work we do at the Health Fairy. Progression with Sarah in beauty treatments is a constant, and I am also being guided through the Coaching Masters training with Sarah as my mentor. I am passionate about nails and all aspects of beauty and aesthetics. Currently in training for my NVQ Level 3 in Beauty, I am also excited to qualify as an inspirational coach in the near future.

You will see a lot of me supporting Sarah as we conduct our Beauty training and motivational coaching at venues throughout the country.

I live local to the Health Fairy headquarters with my family and pets. I love to paint in my spare time and sell my work Worldwide. I am hugely proud to be part of the Health Fairy family and look forward to meeting you all soon.


Love Sam xx



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