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I am an experienced NLP and CBT Practitioner, having gained a distinction at CPD Level 4 in Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and awarded a Certificate for completion of The Coaching Masters 12-Week NLP Practitioner Programme, recognised by the Complementary Medical Association.

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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

A little bit about my relationship with habits forming. As a young adult I was a happy bubbly person, I was always eager to explore the world around me, but, I found my struggling with my mental health, after a lot of trauma, abusive relationships and abandonment issues. I started to form bad habits, drinking, smoking, becoming self destructive, lack of confidence, poor concentration, and never finishing my tasks. I had poor judgment In relationships, which caused low self esteem, fears and insecurities started in the way I looked and felt inside.

My weight always fluctuated, as I was always trying to look like someone else and it created my anxious behaviour. OCD, and fears overwhelmed me, so much, that I couldn’t leave the house without panicking or feeling insecure. I felt jealous and nervous and consumed with imposter syndrome as I was not like everyone else having fun and living their best life. I felt like she was stuck in a loop, unable to break free. Until One day, I met a lady, who shared with her the secret to breaking habits. She told her that it takes 30 days to form a new habit, and that I could use this knowledge to change her life. Intrigued, I asked her how it worked. The lady explained that habits are formed through repetition, and that every time we do something, we reinforce it in our minds. If we want to break a bad habit, we need to replace it with a good one by doing it consistently for 30 days. With renewed hope, I decided to try the challenge, but this was a 75 day one, it was the hardest thing I have done, mentally and physically as I had to force myself out of my comfort zone.

I started by replacing my diet ( again)with fruits and vegetables, and by going for a walk every day. Then a exercise on top, the hardest part was to read a book! To concentrate enough to sit still! At first, it was hard. I felt like giving up many times, but she kept going, knowing that it was the only way to change.

Day by day, I noticed a change in myself, I felt more energized, more positive, and more confident. My anxiety and fears began to fade away, and I started enjoying getting out more. I gave up alcohol and continue to do so. By the end of the 75 days, I have formed new habits that had transformed my life, and still am continuing my journey, I have not stopped the challenge.. From that day on, I am living a happy and fulfilled life, knowing that anything was possible with a little bit of determination and commitment. And whenever I feel stuck, I will always remember that this works! These techniques break your old habits. So, as I have this knowledge, I want to share it with you. We have a challenge waiting for you.. ❤️

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