Lockdown Life


Has Lockdown left you with more than you bargained for? With most of us Brits seeking comfort deep inside the biscuit barrel and the rest of us sat at the kitchen table lost in a sea of back-to-back Zoom calls, it is hardly surprising that weight loss has become such a hot topic right now.

Meanwhile, your next-door neighbour emerges with a body that could be mistaken for the cover of a Health and Fitness magazine, thanks to those Joe Wicks workouts and rabbit food that she has been consuming along with diet shakes, endless amounts of vitamins and fat-binding products.


Why is it hard to lose weight?


Have you ever noticed how the moment that you finally see the scales going down, that they shoot back up again? What’s the deal with that? Quite simply your body produces a hormone that stimulates your appetite and has you craving those sweet treats such as chocolate and cake. So the moment your body thinks you are entering starvation mode due to that sudden weight loss, it releases a dose of glucagon – like-peptide (GLP-1) to help regulate your hunger.


Weight Loss Wonders


Having established the cause of your frequent visits to the fridge at midnight and realising that willpower alone will only get you so far on your weight loss journey, you are probably now wondering how everyone else seems to drop the pounds with ease and fit into those new jeans quicker than you can say it was a snaccident.


Saxenda Support


Sadly, there is no quick fix and like everything else in life, it will require a degree of self-control such as a reduced-calorie meal plan and an increase in your current physical activity. However, unlike those fad diets you see on Instagram you won’t be alone on your weight loss journey.

Thanks to the Saxenda Pen – an FDA-approved prescription injectable medicine, which works by regulating your appetite – you will be able to take back control and resist the urge for another sugar hit. If you are feeling frustrated and want to join a supportive online group that cheers you on, then why not contact the Health Fairy today?


The Health Fairy Clinic


You will receive the following support inside our weight loss plan:

  • · An initial consultation to help guide you on the right path for your journey

  • · Exclusive access to recipes, nutrition advice, weight counselling and more

  • · Access to weight loss and body sculpting as well as other treatments

  • · Support from like-minded individuals whom you can share your experiences within a private support group for members only


Start your Weight Loss Journey Today


If you would like more information on our weight loss plan, drop me an email outlining your concerns and any issues that you are currently facing and then I will set up an online video consultation with yourself to help ascertain what your exact requirements are and to ensure that the Saxenda Pen is the most appropriate weight loss solution for you. You can reach me by filling out the contact form here or alternatively why not give me a call on 07473 437752 for a quick chat.


Are you feeling curious?


In the meantime, if you would like to discover more about our treatments, meal plans and see what our clients have to say. Why not visit our Instagram page where you can also have a peek at what Saxenda Pen and our weight loss plans can do for you – along with behind the scenes from our sister company Sarah’s World of Beauty.

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