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So why am I starting to coach people into a new happier lifestyle an anxious free lifestyle stress free zone. You know why I’m doing it, because it’s what you desire and it’s what you create in your mind every day to be stress and anxious free .

Do you ever think to yourself I wish I could just stop thinking? Do you ever think about why am I so exhausted, why am I constantly worrying and spending my life doing the same thing over and over again have you ever thought of changing your cycle or changing your thoughts process.

I know why you haven’t, because you’ve never had anybody to help you understand what the mind can do to stop anxiety and stress and repetitive thoughts going round and round and round in your mind.

So when I started to train my mind to rid desperate anxious thoughts my first port of call was to find people to help me . A coach, someone who can help me face my fears and my anxieties and start my journey into a better happier me . Who was it the coached me? That is a very good question I hunted and hunted constantly for coaches but there wasn’t any around that knew how I felt. So I decided to join a community for yoga and Wellness and then I met a wonderful people who were intelligent and able to give me the tools I needed to feel good again . There were so many times I said to myself ‘this is not working I cannot do this what’s the point nothing is going to change ever’ for that I know now is why I stayed in my mindset that never changed. You can see where I’m going with this I’m sure! After a while, slowly but surely the coaching started to make sense more and more and in the end I was able to believe I can change and in that moment everything changed. My mindset changed, my thoughts changed my image changed, my relationship changed… I changed.

Now I live and breathe my new thoughts daily like it is just breathing and so natural.

‘I am enough’ ‘I am able’ ‘I am worth it’ was the first words I learned.

At first it took a while to be comfortable with saying these things to myself daily. But like I said before, with time you start to believe it.  I started yoga, meditation and breathwork and that took me to a beautiful wonderful happy peaceful life I lead today, it taught me everything I needed to know to be still. I continue to this day being coached in yoga weekly and taught quantum physics abundance and law of attraction  still learning more and more to bring to you. This has changed my whole life as it will change yours, as I will coach you into a better happier place. Once you become infinite and free from anxious thoughts and pain you will then be able to teach somebody else how to love themselves . This is an journey you will not regret. I only live in the now and the present the past is gone and the future hasn’t come yet so my thoughts and feelings are always just for today. I will teach you how to do this and I will teach you how to become free from the past and free from worrying about the future. You will be able to smile inside and out and be happy.

I also teach nutritional coaching and food planning and weight loss management.

For you to be able to become the happier you that you deserve. Within these coaching sessions you can learn all about health, wealth and wellbeing there is no limit to your coaching sessions we can continue for as long as you desire there is no packages there is no time limit you are here with me learning about yourself and personal growth .

Perhaps you want to change your business a  relationship yourself ? Perhaps you just want to learn about being knowledgeable within the power of the universe? Some people think this is wishy washy and ‘woo woo’ is another term but, it’s not this is about you and your mindset your control. Living in the now, in the present and in the mindset to be powerful strong and motivated.

If you’d like to book a free one to one session with myself for a discovery cool to see if you wish to proceed with coaching to bring a better happier life to you and others perhaps then let me know.

I wish you a very happy magical wonderful day and I hope to speak to you very soon to help you regain your confidence your enlightenment and your power.


If you would like to find out more about how I can help you, contact me via the link below.


Love Sarah x


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