What do you do to stay calm and focused, happy and loved?

Do you care about yourself enough to remind yourself daily you are enough?

When I was learning myself, I learnt to do one thing better each day, imagine that, the one thing per day to be a better you. Having a healthy mind creates a healthy you. Try not to sabotage yourself with bitterness, greed, hateful thoughts. Instead believe in yourself to create a wonderful inner you, this is not always easy to do as we have been taught to behave in a certain manner from a very young age. We may have been in an abusive environment, we may have had a poor up bringing. This practice takes time and patience, in which you must have as you have come this far. Where do you see yourself, do you want peace? Do you want to feel happy inside and out, as many of us can feel empty inside, RIGHT?


If this is you, its time to stop sabotaging oneself. There are a few steps I can talk to you about now to help you on your inner self journey, firstly, meditation.. what does your image of mediation look like in your mind; perhaps a Buddha sitting on a cloud with his hands in his lap chanting.. some one in a room full of incense chanting. If you have this image, you are already blocking your vision to what you think it will be before trying it out yourself. Mediation can come in many forms, laying on your comfy bed, just laying and taking the time to be with yourself with no disturbance. There are no rules to conform to on your self-care journey, you just need to find the time to sit still and be you. Take the time to find mediation groups or podcasts, or even The Health Fairy can help you, there are many ways to find that time to just be.


Breath work is also a fabulous way for you to start the day, it will open up your air ways and set you up for a stable start to the day, we will be actioning this daily with the members so come and be part of this.


Self-Awareness; this is sometimes very uncomfortable and to even start to think about yourself is very difficult for many, as you have put family first maybe? Have you actually taken the time to stand in front of the mirror and say ‘ you are amazing’ and truly meant every word, it’s a tricky one isn’t it. Why is this? I can only tell you from my experiences, I used to look in the mirror and criticize myself beautifully, I would be able to reel of a 100 different things I didn’t like about me, but never did I say to myself you look amazing. Try it, go to the mirror and tell yourself you are amazing before that ego starts to sabotage you. Self-talk practice is one way to build confidence and you begin to start to love yourself more and more as you do it daily. Pick some fabulous affirmations for you to work with and stand at the mirror and say YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE AMAZING – YOU CAN DO THIS.


What you need to do is remove the EGO, this lovely little negative demon that lives inside of every single one of us, stopping you living your best life, keeping you safe from opportunity and abundance. Our body is simple, it needs feeding, drink and reproduction and movement, that’s it. When our body receives signals for these it does ask for ‘yoga; or Hit class or McDonalds or alcohol. It is up to your mind to make the right choices for the body. This is where you either go with what the EGO suggests or your true self and self-caring mind suggests, your ego is looking for a quick fix, as its tired and cannot be bothered to make a good healthy meal, it doesn’t need mediation so just lay back and watch tv for your five minutes with a bag of crisps, or cake, you know this as you feel the little gremlin rearing its ugly head now. Stop! think about your choices, the ego is jealous, based with fear all the time. The ego makes excuses, ’oh it won’t hurt just this once. Go on eat the cake’ remind you of you ? it did me! It is not always a easy journey to change, but it is the right path and you will in turn thank yourself for reading this.


As a saying goes ‘ we have to walk somewhere, to get somewhere it may not always be easy but after you will feel at ease’


Are you afraid of this? I fear this, as the ego will always stop you being you and will get you out of everything. Is this familiar, ‘ its not going to work’ ‘ I cannot do it’ ‘ I look stupid’ I CANNOT DO IT..

If you believe the ego, how can you see the amazing life you have in front of you. If you do not believe you will self-manipulate yourself and the Ego WINS. Do you believe someone is out to get you? Or are you out to get you.

If you are ready for a change we can help you. There are ways and methods to train your mind to let go of the ego. You have already taken a step, you are here.

Welcome to The health Fairy, you are now going to learn more and more daily with our knowledge and experiences to help you learn to love yourself. You are now on the best journey of your life..