My crappy pants are back!

Today I felt like utter crap as I thought it was not working out 🏋🏾‍♀️. Five weeks ago today I started my body building journey. It’s been a huge learning curve.

I changed my coach and started today with her. She is insanely interactive. With a new food plan which I love…great weight training plan and guidance I feel I am ready to now strip this weight.

We bulked up for 5 weeks, so I am now apparently muscle under this, not fat, (I’ll trust her on this, ha ha).

Today I started to strip and will expose it over next the 6 months. It’s been emotional and hard work, but hard work is what you need to be the best version of you. It doesn’t come to you with a magic wand (maybe temporarily or with complications and fat gain in time or damage to your body) as nothing is sustainable, unless you put the hard work in naturally (that takes time, which we don’t have a lot of these days).

Most of us are thinking that the thought of exercises 5 days week, eating bland same old meals makes them cringe. But the out come maybe what you always wanted … flat tummy .. weight loss.. health and vitality.

It’s pain V pleasure, isnt it?

What is your choice?

But dig deep … what is your desire? Do you want to be trim but know you have no drive to do it? Do you have no time? Or do you think there is a possibility of dedication looming in your soul? Or are you actually really HAPPY with your body and life? Congratulations! I admire you.

It’s a interesting one. I get told I am mad for doing this. Am I, or am I listening to myself, the one who said I wish I could ……..?

Choices are hard, habits are hard to break, but they are not if you know the outcome 🙂 …. .

I hope this helps your journey… don’t give up ….

PS: I am uncomfortable about showing you my pics but I need you to see if I can you can if you want to x