Cannot believe that I was panicking about my weight. Now, Erin texted me and video called me and said, it’s just normal to change weight, and stop looking at your scales when you’re bodybuilding, because your weight’s going to fluctuate, and with the change of habit and protein, you’re going to have a different outcome.

So I’ve gone away from worrying about my fat belly and that the fact my rings don’t fit me, and I’ve put more effort than I’ve ever put in today in BodyPump. I’ve literally done an extra 2.5 kg on my weights. Struggling still with my delt in my arm, but I am going to keep going because I know that the strength will build it up. It’s been a long time these muscles have been used correctly. So I’m enjoying it, it’s fun, it’s exciting. A lady come up to me today and said, what do I eat? And she’s interested in the plan as well. So really, really interesting getting to know people that are involved in bodybuilding.

I have come back to having a seven egg white omelette , which is very unusual, I’ve never had one before. So I am actually in the process of chopping that while I’m talking to you guys. I have found that my energy levels are huge and I’m waking up at 5.00am every morning with a bounce in my step. So if anyone’s suffering with lethargy or not able to do anything because they’re too tired, take a look at what you’re eating, take a look at what you’re actually doing for your body. Are you fueling it correctly? Are you finely tuning your engine? Because a lot of us are eating crap, and that’s the honest truth. The more crap you eat, the more you’re going to feel crappy, right?

So really take a look at what you’re eating today, and really think about how you can make it just that little bit better, if you’re feeling tired. You can’t blame anyone else, other than your own circumstances, sadly, and your own diet and health and wellbeing. So it’s time to take a look at ourselves and really see what we can do to improve our lives instead of ruining our lives by not eating well. I can’t tell you what to do ever, and that’s not what I’m talking about on the diary system. I’m just showing you that if there is a way to help yourself, or you can feel better about yourself, by eating more healthily surely that’s enough to make you want to do it?

Now, I know circumstances with different people are with injuries and arthritis and things like that, but it still comes down to food that can help you. So food can obliterate arthritic problems, by eating a lot more turmeric and food sources. It’s proven. So us as human beings, why are we not finely tuning our bodies to be the best it can be and live a happier life by eating well and creating a better outcome? This will always baffle me, and I always try my very best to do the best I can for my body. Obviously, I’m going to have slip-ups, I’m a human. But if I can just encourage one person to have that better outcome, that’s a goal for me, and that will make me feel great.

So I have a couple of people who are really interested in my progress, so I really want to help you, if you’re interested in it, I’ll send you the program. But you really need a program designed for you, so find yourself a coach and get your butts into gear and get that energy back, because once you’ve got that energy back, it feels amazing. Cannot tell you how strong you can feel, and when you’re strong, you can tackle most things in life head-on and without feeling completely exhausted. Now, that’s something to be said, I feel.

Have a great day, going to eat my eggs now ! Cluck