So today I measured myself and weighed in. So I’m a little heavier, well, not so heavier. I’m a little heavier than I started out in my journey. So I’ve gained,, at least six pounds, but I’ve my inches on my waist has gone down by half an inch. And also my pictures show that I have toned up already. The thing I can’t get used to is the fact that I’ve got to eat so much, which is something I need to get my head round. . I’ve never eaten so much in all my life and I’ve still not reached my target. So I will continue to research this!

And research how to intake without being sick of food. The only thing that I find difficult is being vegetarian. I can’t eat Turkey and venison and chicken, and I think that’s something that’s really easy to find protein with. So I’m going to research that and I’m going to really try harder in all in all I’ve slept better. I feel better. I have increased my energy levels by 80%. I would say my eyes look refreshed. My skin is plump. My hair seems to be growing better. Like thicker. It sounds ridiculous. But round the front of my hair, it was always,thin looking. But I can see that I’ve got a little bits of sprouts growing on the corners of my front of my French, which is really unusual. Um, I take omega 3. I take my protein shakes. I take my multivitamin and my probiotics. So all my nutrition is I would say, one things is better and that is my digestive system. . This sounds ridiculous, but you need to talk about it because we don’t do we.

They were always so loose before and not healthy. And now I am regular, which I know you don’t want to know that, but it will help you on your journey knowing that you’re not bloated and your stomach digestion is working effectively. And I can safely say my bum is working effective for me!. So take note!

I am loving having diary because I can show you what I’ve done in a week, I will show you it is really incredible. Normally I’m breaking 900 calories a day. I’m hitting 1,600 calories a day, but less but less than I should, but oh my God, what a difference. I’ve been nutritionist for a little while now and always thought that you should eat like three days, three times a day and caffeine limited, sugar limited, obviously.

I’ve really seen a difference in my body by just five days, so it shows how much food is needed in our diets. Yeah. I’ve got a little bit more cellulite around my bum, but that’s okay because that will go into muscle and I’m bulking out.. I must make sure that I fixate on my muscle growth. So that’s what I’m doing at the moment.

So it’s all new to me and I’m learning as I go, but this journal is going to help me look back on what I was before I become fitter than I have ever been.

I’d like to say that I would like to be a bodybuilder. A lot of people don’t like that look, and they worry that I might get too masculine, but do you know what? I don’t want to get too masculine, but I don’t mind having the muscle because it proves that my body is in good shape. And it shows that dedication to myself and gives me something to focus on.

When you’ve got over a anxious life and issues, you need a challenge and you need to have a plan. So this helps me massively keep my focus. So really looking forward my journey, and it’s not about anyone else.

It’s not about what people think of me. I couldn’t care if anyone didn’t like my body. It’s about what I like about my body. And my husband loves that., it’s really important to me. He has even started training again.

So it’s really nice as he really encourages me, I am really enjoying that. He has always told me to eat more, eat more, eat more, and I’ve gotten Na! don’t want to eat anymore than 900 calories because of called what happened. I go over in my mind. I’m going to get fat, interesting psychology of what we believe and what is the truth isn’t it. So I always believe that we should never listen to our heads too much! . We should just do what our heart says and go with it and go with our true selves and obviously science as well!

Remember healthy bodies, healthy minds and longevity of life.

We have half a chance at least to live a long life if we look after ourselves just that little bit more.

I maybe wrong … not sure if I am though!