So day three of progression. I can safely say that I’ve never slept so well. Going to bed on a full stomach is so much nicer than going to bed on an empty stomach or craving sugar or craving cheese and biscuits. I haven’t even thought about cheese. And since I started this course! I’m sitting here with a porridge with some strawberries in oat milk and a coffee frappe, which is amazing.

I am loving every minute of having someone to be accountable to. So my advice, if you’re going to start a weight training or any fitness plan, find a coach and literally go with that coach so you are accountable your actions. It makes such a difference . The only thing I can think of that’s difficult is literally hunting for protein. It is so hard to find. Within this society today, everything is carbs, fast food, sugar orientated. So no wonder people are suffering with diabetes, being overweight and major health issues.

It really is a scary world we’re living in because there is hardly any advice out there unless you search for it on how to build muscle, unless you’ve got a coach and you know who to you hang around with in this industry, it’s very difficult for normal people like us to find a good balanced diet. There’s so many fads out there and they’re all pushing ways to make you lose weight instead of finding muscle and gaining vitality is actually very, very frightening.

So my journey is going to help you eat more, feel better about yourself and have a nice relationship with food because it’s so important. We tend to have this bad relationship with food. We worry about what we eat. We concern how much sugar is in our food. We want fast food, but we don’t want fast food. We want to lose weight, but we don’t want to lose out on all the nice things in life. We were constantly battling with ourselves day in, day out. If you should have somewhere to go and someone to talk to and get the right advice and listen to that advice and not think I can do it on my own, you’re going to win. And that is really important. The people that don’t take on a coach are going to go round and round in circles with a habit is a constant habit breaker having a coach because you’ve got to do the work you can’t get out of the work you’ve paid for the course, and you’ve got to do the work and that sets you up.

And I really do believe that everybody should join a fitness coaching session or find someone to help them with an accountability ability, buddy. It doesn’t matter who it is, but as long as you are fighting with somebody to push yourself to the max, I find that if I do it myself, I am always lying to myself. Like ‘Oh yeah, I did this at the gym and I pushed myself so hard’ Absolutely not. I’m constantly going saying ‘Yeah I push myself at the gym’ but I really didn’t work as hard as I should! I’m hoping to see better results now.

I can show you guys that there is a way to do this without having to starve yourself, without having to worry about what you eat, all you’ve got to do is find the balance for you and use your macros, and don’t go over them macros, as simple as that. it’s really isn’t hard to go over because you’re so full of protein and high carbs and everything that you are never imagined to be eating. It’s so good. I am so pleased that I’ve taken this journey. It’s made me more awake. It’s made me more focused. It’s made me see changes already. In three days.

I am consistently feeling happy and energised and not scared to take on more weights in the gym, which is very unusual for me because normally I don’t want the pain, but I know the pleasure is going to come from this. I know that I’m going to look good after I’ve done my training, but remember, I’m not doing this for a short term. This is going to be my lifestyle. And that’s where we differ in life. People want to lose weight and get to a goal and then they stop. And that’s when they piled the weight back on. So find a way to make this your lifestyle. Make changes, take deduct sugar from your diet. Perhaps you don’t even have to take out sugar, but just a little would help you.

Exercise is key. Weight training is key. High protein is a definite key. And just being accountable for your actions.

I hope that helps you today. I will put a recipe up for it and I am enjoying having coffee back in my life.