This is a massive achievement. My husband has decided to join the gym, which makes me feel absolutely wonderful knowing he’s going to be there to support me is everything to me because he was an ex-bodybuilder and it helps me grow bigger when I have his praise and he makes me accountable. It’s really important to have an accountability partner when you’re doing this big journey of self-development.

Today, we went for a swim, sauna, jacuzzi, and relaxed, and had a steam room, had some breakfast together. It’s the first time we’ve done that in months and it was just brilliant. I used to get really bad anxiety about going out with him because he’s so tall and big, and I used to get really nervous about people watching him and it was a real issue of mine with my anxiety. But today was a breakthrough because it didn’t even feel like that at all.

Things are really changing with my mindset and with the way I’ve behaved before. It takes practice. A lot of self personal development is needed when you have anxiety. If you’ve got a purpose and you’re starting a journey with your bodybuilding or weight loss or running or whatever you’re doing, really put in 110%, because if you don’t, you’re not going to get the results that you desire.

Today, I had my photos done and I can see the massive changes in 14 days. Now it’s pushing me harder to go even further with it and get these abs that I’ve always wanted since I was about 12. It’s really important to focus when you’re doing this training. Make sure you eat to the actual macros, right to the one gram, even if you’re out, just do it. Even if you go over slightly, it doesn’t matter, but you must make your macros, you must make your protein and your carbs and your fats. The body needs to be energized and the body needs to be finely tuned and able to heal when you’re lifting weights.

Make sure you hydrate as well. That’s really important because you will feel really under the weather. I’ve had two slip-ups in two weeks. Not slept very well in the last two days, but before the full moon comes out, I never sleep very well, and also, it made my digestive system quite bad and I hadn’t reached my fiber intake, which you must have your fiber intake, and you can get a bit of constipation, so be vigilant when that happens and make sure you take your fiber drink.

Apart from that, everything’s going really well with the business and the training, so that’s made me feel better. I was going to change up the business and move things around, and I do this every so often. It’s like I’m not satisfied with what’s happening. But I’ve come to the conclusion that the health fairy is just an all round beauty and healthy page, so I’m just going to stick it out. I think, with the COVID and the problems that we’re having with COVID, it’s made me feel a little bit vulnerable within being self-employed, so I must make sure that I take the time to not keep procrastinating with it and just get on with it and enjoy it.