So, day one of my new life as a bodybuilder. I’ve wanted to do this since I was in my 20s, and never got the courage and never had the funds to be able to do it. And this is the time where I feel it’s the right time because I’m 47, I know my body’s going to change. And with menopause and with age, my body is going to change. So I thought it’s time now to get that body that I’ve always desired in my 20s even if my body is ageing why should my dreams. So today was an easy start, because having 1,770 calories to play with is my idea of heaven. I know I’ve got to reach 138 grams of protein. And that is not easy, I can assure you. It really isn’t. It’s easy to build your calories up and your carbohydrates and fats. But protein, difficult, But this is going to be my fun challenge, to find high protein foods.

So today I done body pump and I done some videos sent to me. My challenge was today, was that I didn’t have my glasses with me to look at the workouts that Erin had sent me. Now, that’s really strange because age is defying all the time. Once upon a time, you’d pick your phone up and you see everything and record it. Now I have to have glasses for this. That was a problem because I didn’t take them into the gym. As you get older, you have to adapt. And I guess that’s life, it really is. And it’s scary.

I smashed it in the gym. I burnt 710 calories, and I also managed to do some extra strength work with kilos. So I’m very pleased with my result today. But I will say, it’s really tough being 47 and you know your hormones are changing, your lifestyle is changing and I can assure you when you start a challenge, in the back of your mind you’re saying, “Ah, you sure you should be doing this?” Or there’s a monkey on your back telling you that you shouldn’t do it because you’re too old or people are going to judge you for being a bodybuilder, “Oh, why do you want to be a man?” You’ve got all these negatives coming out and trying to force you to go back to your old self.

I don’t want to do that, I’ve got to keep slapping the monkey on my back and pushing myself forward to make sure that I don’t have any distractions while I’m building my muscle and stripping my fat and creating a machine of a body for the first time. And like I said to my friends, I wanted to do this before I’m old and scraggly, so my blog starts today. I hope you’ll come on board and enjoy it, because it won’t be just about my weight training, and me, me, me. This is about you as well. This is about you being able to do stuff yourself at home and creating your ideal life, your ideal body, and becoming someone you want to be and not be someone that you’re supposed to be because others say, “Don’t do it.” Always do what you can’t do. And always do what people say, “Don’t do.” Jump out your comfort zone, be the best you can be, and smash it. That’s what I say. So many of us are living a lie, so many of us are living half filled cups. Let’s get a full cup and do this together.

I’m going to show you how I did it. It’s going to take me a good six to eight months to even see the massive changes. I know my brain will want to stop after two or three weeks if it doesn’t start seeing results. It’s just progression, we’ve got to push ourselves through that. We’ve got to make sure that we can do this. If we don’t, we’re just going to fall back down and your ego is going to take over and say, “I told you so.” So let’s start today. PS: my meals are HUGE! Not used to this at all …. Is this right? We will see 😂



TIME: 1 5 minutes


100g coconut yoghurt

1 tsp vegan vanilla protein powder

50g mango, diced

1 tbsp pistachios, diced

1 tbsp desiccated coconut


Calories: 423

Protein: 13

Carbs: 14

Fat: 35

Fibre: 4


Add the coconut yoghurt to your serving bowl and stir in the protein powder until well combined. Top with mango, pistachios and dessicated coconut.