Coming soon to the membership

Please make sure you’re all signed up.

This page is for the over 40’s (some of you are maybe a little younger but that’s OK if you’re a Fairy):

for women over 40 trying to get their shit together.

If you’re offended, please leave the group. There will be real life talk.

This is a safe place, so you can share your stories, if you so wish.

The membership is all about helping you feel good, look good and finding your inner child after being locked away from people that have harmed us.

It’s also for women over a certain age that need to start a new career in beauty or make an extra income !

We all want money right?

This group and membership is aimed for mainly over 40s as this is the time we wake up and smell the coffee ☕️ or need to! Plus I am over the hill so I can relate 😉
Just kidding.

If you are under 40 – don’t worry, you will get there so use our advice well 😆

Beauty appointments and so forth will only be on flash messages on your fresha app.

This is the place for you to be yourself.

Share your story, feel free 👇