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Sarah's Diary

Day 17

Welcome back to my diary. And we’re into the second, third week, sorry. Gosh, it just goes past like the wind and I don’t often do everyday blog due to …

Sarah's Diary

Day 14

This is a massive achievement. My husband has decided to join the gym, which makes me feel absolutely wonderful knowing he’s going to be there to support me is everything …

Sarah's Diary

Day 10

So, day 10. I’ve missed day nine on purpose because nothing significant happened. I done my body pump, I weighed in, I ate half my body weight and it was …

Sarah's Diary

Day 8

Cannot believe that I was panicking about my weight. Now, Erin texted me and video called me and said, it’s just normal to change weight, and stop looking at your …

Sarah's Diary

Day 7

Well, it’s day seven. I started my journey a little heavier lol , if you want the honest truth. I feel a little bit unnerved today just because my wedding …

Sarah's Diary

Day 6

So today I measured myself and weighed in. So I’m a little heavier, well, not so heavier. I’m a little heavier than I started out in my journey. So I’ve …