Can we talk about beauty here today?

Truths and facts & processes

Firstly, I am going to show you some eye brightening. I am doing this so you are completely aware of down time. To get good results with brightening and hydration you need to have hydration and amino acids added. This is called bio-revitalisation.

  • You will be numbed.
  • You will have 30/40 tiny jabs around the eyes.
  • You will get bruising and swelling.
  • You have to allow it to heal, arnica before in tablet form and after. Or cream. Cold press daily and massage.
  • It will take up to 7 days to heal, but the results will mean hydration and brightening.
  • You need 3 sessions over 3 month periods.
  • It’s ok to put concealer on and makeup 24 hrs after.
  • Wear a sun cream.
  • Be mindful of drinking it will cause more bruising.
  • Understand it’s process – the eyes are delicate so it will take longer to heal.
  • The results are fabulous.
  • Don’t be afraid of the swelling and bruising – if this is what you want.
  • Don’t do before a wedding! Party! Or a celebration 🍾 Do it 3 weeks before!
  • Lasts 3 months till next session.
  • My go-to is Gluta 1 jabs to brighten the face for huge results.

I hope that helps.

PS: I am really sorry you bruise, sadly I can’t make it not happen. Xx