I may not be a Mum myself, but the ladies that work with me are giving me all the insights to how they are NOT managing at times, and it has given me a purpose to take the pain away to help them an identity!

Does this resonate with you?  Are you feeling like you just sit in your PJS unable to see YOU returning at any time soon?

I am always looking for answers to this quest! The first one I thought about was, what can you do around your children, that is going to give you a bit or normality?

There is always a way, so my idea was simple but effective!

WHY not  set up a beauty business, small to start and then grow as your children grow?

Think about this….

A passive income!

Meet new people!

Have coffee and talk about your partners ( we do that best)!

Dress up and wear lippy, you can even brush your hair if you want !


You know what I loved as a kid, dressing up my girls world! I loved that woman, I can even see her beauty now, with all my blue eyeshadow plastered on her face….

I am hopefully a little better these days at makeup!

But you get my point, you get to play dress up… and make a huge or as little income as you like.

A set of nails £30 with a chat with the girls ..winner!

Work around your kids , they can bring theirs and play with yours… winner winner!

You get to feel like a bloody woman again not JUST MUM.  WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!




Now are you feeling them endorphins flowing? Igniting the flame within, releasing your inner sparkle?

You know what I love doing ?

Seeing women thrive and feel amazing, so the least I can do is offer you this.. MORE COMING SOON, for now check out my business suite to start you off on you NEW YOU… journey.