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Sarah absolutely loves all things beauty and it is her passion to ensure you have the best experience. Sarah is very exclusive to you, and dedicates her time wisely to suit you and your needs. We have recently discovered ways to enhance wellness and wellbeing with deep relaxation facials and therapy. Sarah has worked hard with healing treatments to ensure you have a magical experience with her salon. We cater for all Women, especially Women over 40. The clinic is designed to enlighten as well as enhance your looks and mind set, Sarah has helped many clients feel strong after trauma and stress with her therapy and now she is bringing it to her facials.

Other specialist Treatments

Facial Aesthetics and body treatments all need a consultation, we advise that you book a FREE session to discuss your treatments.

We have a special app that you can book your treatments yourself, Sarah may need to move slightly if she thinks it is needed, but you will always be notified.

Deposits of £50 non refundable will be taken for any Aesthetics or Training, we do not take payment before treatments, but you will need to add your details to ensure confirmations of appointments and late cancellations.


Gel Nails

Apres Hard Gel Extensions

Poly Gel For Bitten Nails


Classic Lash Extensions

Volume Extensions


Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Skin Boosters

Thread Face-Lifting

Skin Rejuvenation

Facial Treatments

Dermal Fillers

To book an appointment for any of the treatments above or for our price list, please contact Sarah via email,, or via our appointments button below.


One of our lovely clients had these words to say about a lip treatment she had at The Health Fairy.

‘I just want to say a huge thank you to Sarah, AKA The Health Fairy. I have a large childhood scar in my top lip and a smaller insignificant one on my bottom lip along with very vascular lips. I posed a bit of a higher risk for lip filler and we did some work on my scars with hyaluronic acid which for me cemented in my mind that I wanted to take the plunge into a dermal filler. I had been turned down previously by different people to have this procedure done due to my complex lips. However, after a few consultations, Sarah agreed that she thought she could take on the challenge. We set a date for last Friday and now look I have my dream lips 👄

Never say never! And always research your aesthetician. I’d never trust anyone but Sarah now. 🥰’


Below are some of the treatment products we use


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