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I truly believe that with the right support and strategy you can accomplish anything.

My techniques are proven to empower and enlighten the most sceptical.

This is not a course; this is a lifelong learning transition to change what you fear the most.

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Welcome to my UNIQUE Coaching.

RELEASE YOUR INNER SPARKLE programme for women looking to grow confident and more healthier lifestyles after abuse or trauma.

Launched in lock down of 2020, this programme not only changed lives, but it also helped women to overcome hurdles they would not normally have dealt with.

My private secure programme is for those who need a total change in health, fitness, and mindset.

. I have created this supportive and nurturing plan for those who are just starting out on their empowering journey, as well as for those who are feeling a little bit lost in their lives, and who are in need of a boost to get them back on track.

The programme grew out of personal experience and the pain I went through to achieve my goals. I truly believe that with the right strategy and support in place, you really can build your dream life.

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This programme is made with passion and research, so you have strategy that I wish I had known years ago. I will take you on a journey where you will learn to truly value your body and soul, so that you can create a thriving life dodging the mistakes I made along the way!

Alongside me, you will have sessions with my amazing team of experts… all fantastic at what they do, and super experienced.

So, how does it work?

VISION: Starting with the bigger vision, we establish exactly where you want to be headed and why. From here, we then dive into identifying your whys and making sure that everything you create and put into the world is aligning with them.

We delve into health and fitness and nutrition, developing techniques that convert; we cover NLP and use CBT as a tool for growth; we talk about mindset and the importance of building confidence, not just in the word it means, along with assignments and challenges, and of course I take you through step by step how to do this.

All the above is your shortcut, so you can spend more time on your hobbies and having fun and less time worrying about how you look and feel.

The programme is intentionally fast paced so that you can start to see real results quickly. Having that live accountability and support throughout really does make all the difference. I know from my own learning that I work better when I have a coach, and yes I still have one.

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All training is carried out online privately and safely on zoom.
Weekly sessions: Each week you will have meeting with myself for one hour, where I will support your every need. This is when your task and plans will be given.

Alongside this, you will receive either a link to a new pre-recorded self-care video, or you will have a live session from me and a host of carefully chosen guest experts, in the membership. So just check in as and when you desire.

If you can’t join some of the sessions, don’t worry! I will design a video for you to work with on your own when you can watch.

You will always be supported.

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My programme is available to you anytime, all you need to do is contact me for a free ‘Get to know you session’

You are worth so much and my passion is to help you have a better life after trauma. My life changed when I invested in myself.

In fact, everything changed.

I would love to hear from you.


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Deciding on which wellness path is right for you can be overwhelming, as often every option appeals. Our dedicated team of wellness professionals are on hand to guide you through the different choices available and assist in choosing the experience best suited to your needs.


We all react to foods and supplements slightly differently. These services measure and analyse your response to food and drink, providing insight to intolerances and bespoke dietary advice.

Personal Development

THE FAIRY YOUnique Assessment

55 minutes

Have you hit a plateau, do you have a special date in your diary or are you aware of specific weaknesses you want to improve? We are here to take you to that next level.

The health Fairy is unique to YOU: your goals, your diary, your training plan & your results. With the tailor-made approach and your hard work, you will create the best possible version of you and fast.

The Service
This session includes a health review, body composition analysis and nutrition and wellbeing support.

The Reward
Take a step closer to achieving fitness goals: tone, slim and boost your mood in a fun and controlled environment.

The Service
This is a fun, personalised one-to-one workout that will enable you to focus upon your health and fitness goals. After your YOUnique coaching, in your next session the fairy will add a variety of training methods and equipment can be used to accommodate your needs.

The Reward
Book a single session for that initial kick-start, try coaching with a friend, or sign up for a series of coaching to keep that motivation going.


Release your inner sparkle