Author: Sarah Hunt

This is a massive achievement. My husband has decided to join the gym, which makes me feel absolutely wonderful knowing he's going to be there to support me is everything to me because he was an ex-bodybuilder and it helps

So, day 10. I've missed day nine on purpose because nothing significant happened. I done my body pump, I weighed in, I ate half my body weight and it was so voiding hot in the day that I was just

Cannot believe that I was panicking about my weight. Now, Erin texted me and video called me and said, it's just normal to change weight, and stop looking at your scales when you're bodybuilding, because your weight's going to fluctuate,

Well, it's day seven. I started my journey a little heavier lol , if you want the honest truth. I feel a little bit unnerved today just because my wedding rings don't fit me and I had to take them

So today I measured myself and weighed in. So I'm a little heavier, well, not so heavier. I'm a little heavier than I started out in my journey. So I've gained,, at least six pounds, but I've my inches on


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