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Why Choose me?

Sarah Hunt

Why choose me to help you, well that’s a question I have been asked for many years.

Let us start at the beginning.

I  have been there, I have felt the pain of not knowing if there is a tomorrow, not knowing how I will ever find happiness. The story is very familiar to yours I am sure, trauma and abuse from an early age. My life was turned upside down as a young child, as parents separated my life was changed for ever, which in turn caused me to make bad choices and my life was full of stress, anxiety and pain. It took me until I was In my 40’s to turn my life around, we have more of my story in the membership when you join.

I recovered and became who I am today with determination, hard work and dedication.

My business has all been based around beauty, medical and wellness, and with that I created THE FAIRY.

THE HEALTH FAIRY,  is me, you and everything to heal you. I use all my gained knowledge from top GURUS, such as Tony Robbins, and THE COACHING MASTERS, where I passed my NLP mastery and Life coach Accreditation. This knowledge has given me to tools to help Women THROUGH  trauma.

I am a trained beauty, facial Clinician in a very private clinic, to give my clients the ultimate safety.

I want to help you. I want to encourage you to feel fantastic about your beauty.


In the Membership you will have access to unlimited resources, updated every single week. With LIVE seminars and support.

Mediation and breathwork

Hours of courses and videos to guide you when you need support.

Beauty care with tips to help you understand all about what we do, we have a sister part of the fairy that is my other career.

Health and fitness plans designed by myself, as you all know by now I am hugely into health and vitality being a nutritionist. So I can even set up a plan for you and your needs.

We even have a chef that makes us the best recipes for you to feel comforted with.

Life is good in a community. We have a place for you to meet others, they are all lovely there.

Come and see for yourself, we will make you feel at home. I promise.


All my love


Sarah. x



She is a beautiful soul with the kindest of hearts

You really are one in a million

During the first lockdown we were all plunged into a period of uncertainty and unknown and even though this was hitting Sarah Hunt’s industry the hardest, she was always be there to support each and everyone of us. She is a beautiful soul with the kindest of hearts 💕 She kindly gave me a tarot card reading which hit so many personal points and has also enabled me to dig deep into my soul and think about subjects that maybe I would have rather forgotten. Her thought provoking reading has helped me so many ways and I thank her for enabling me to do that. This group is just what we all need and with her at the helm it will only ever be a positive and beautiful place to be. Thank you my love and thank you for keeping us all going during those darkest of days, you really are one in a million 💕

Health Fairy Client

Makes you feel amazing inside and out!!

By far the best!!!

By far the best!! Makes you feel amazing inside and out!! She is a beautiful person and going to see her is like going to see a friend. She helps people build their confidence and self-esteem and the best bit is you can tell how much she gets out of it herself! She is selfless and the pure joy she gets out of making other's feel fantastic is priceless. Her integrity and humbleness are a true reflection of who she is and how she works!! I trust her implicitly....she never pushes even to the point that if she feels you don't need a treatment she will be honest and's not just for the profit!! She truly does put her heart and soul into everything that she does...without effort!! She's fab 😍

Kim Health Fairy Client

Really enjoyed it.

Amazing Trainer

I really enjoyed it. Thank you, Sarah Hunt, who is an amazing trainer. I have decided this is definitely for me and am starting my training with Sarah's coaching and support.

Rachel Clark Health Fairy Client

Sarah is amazing

Loads of information...Practical is brilliant...

I have done two courses (brows, lash lift and now gel manicure) with Sarah and I can say Sarah is amazing. Loads of information, theory you can do in your own time as it's all online. Practical is brilliant as Sarah is so understanding and is wanting you to succeed. Thanks again, next stop Facials xx

Zoe Baker Health Fairy Client

I cannot believe my good fortune in meeting you, Sarah Hunt.

Absolutely amazing, I feel so much better.

You are simply the BEST. Such a lovely, caring young lady, doing this work on me. Thank you.

Health Fairy Client

Thank you Health Fairy!

Beautiful lashes, as usual. 5+ years and always a happy customer! Thank you Health Fairy!

Beautiful lashes, as usual

Health Fairy Client

Amazing to follow, so much information, support and help all along the way too.

Thank you so much for your courses you're running!!

It's given me the step I needed to do something I enjoy and I'm forever grateful for giving me this opportunity. The price was amazing and I can't thank you enough.

Jasmine Health Fairy Student

You are amazing.

Thank you, Sarah, for another informative course

I came in a bag of nerves and left confident. You are amazing. Thank you for today.

Health Fairy Trainee

Love the work you do.

Thank you so much, Sarah

I really, really appreciate and love coming to see you. Love the work you do. Will never take you for granted.

Very happy with the results

Fantastic as always

Sarah was fantastic as always. She puts me at ease and makes me feel comfortable. Very happy with the results and I would definitely recommend her.

Luisa G. Health Fairy Client

Great treatments

Excellent services

Excellent services, always so nice and great treatments.

Isobel Lili D. Health Fairy Client

Love my lashes

Breath of fresh air

Sarah is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world. Love my lashes and she does them so quickly it's amazing!! Wuold definitely recommend.

Gemma W. Health Fairy Client

Sarah is very friendly

Really enjoyed my first experience at The Health Fairy

Really enjoyed my first experience at the Health Fairy. Sarah is very freindly and amazing at her work. I love my lashes and will be back.

Gabriele K. Health Fairy Client


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