Welcome to my space,

The one thing I want to ask you right now is, ‘Why are you here? Are you lacking confidence and struggling to change your habits. Are you in a situation you feel scared to leave and make a change? 

I know how hard it is, when you feel so lost and have no purpose or confidence.  I have been in your shoes, and i can tell you, you can change, with the right technique’s and focus.

My purpose is to guide you to your happy place,  you know the one, the place we all seem to want to go. Bur, first, we need to work out your strategies’ and habits to make them dreams come true.

My aim is to help you with your mind, your health, your body image and your wellbeing. How are you going to do that? you ask.  

Easy ….

 Firstly I want  you to feel good, and I want you to thrive and feel good about everything. I want you to learn techniques on how to cope through difficult times. 

I will help you build a plan and make it work in easy steps without overwhelming you.  I will be right by your side… who does not want that shoulder to lean on… Even i have a coach. We all need people to help and guide us.

Here is a little bit about me, as later when we meet i can give you more of an insight to why I help others.

I too have been lost, worried, anxious, and had feelings of deep despair after my traumas. We all have been through issues, and we can cope with them most of the time. 

But, sometimes we don;t cope, and we become more and more insular and hide away.


More than years since some of my trauma based issues had a huge impact on my mental health. I didn’t like going out, seeing people made me nervous, with that, I felt I was wasting my life, when deep down all i wanted to do was go out and have fun and be normal again. But… my insecurities stopped that from happening.


What did i do to help myself?

I researched and found a good coach to help me to become accountable for my actions.

They helped me form good habits, helped me make better choices and decisions.. occasionally, i would revert, but I understood why and how i could regroup my feelings and anxieties with me in depth training.

I learnt so much about nutrition and fitness that helped me gain confidence and feel good inside and out.

Following some of the beat coaches in the world, i realised i could become a coach, so off i went to train as a Neuro linguistic  ( helps you with your mind set and life decisions through neurological programming ) This is what I loved to do, so i trained in CBT and later became an accredited Life Coach… and here i am to help you.


Let me tell you a story..when i was getting help from Mind.org.uk, i needed food, and bedding and well … everything, as i lost my home, my life and all my belongings… There was this lovely lady at Mind, helping me, she gave me lots donations from kind people. There was a new duvet set, and inside the packet was a note, the note read. ‘ i hope this finds you well. I know you are in a bad place, but, not for long, make sure you help others when you are strong again.  That note will be in my mind forever, as i have helped hundreds of Women through domestic violence and trauma.. So, we will always continue the cycle of the very special note…


Why are you here?

Are you ready to make a change?


Discreet and personal coaching with 1-1 sessions online or face to face.You decide!